We are a green company! You do not receive contracts or invoices in the mail. Everything you need, including your Viasat order confirmation and customer contract, will be sent to you electronically and will be available online. You will not be asked to sign your Viasat customer contract until your service is installed and tested by one of our Viasat certified technicians. As soon as your new service is in place, your technician will have you sign up online with your new Viasat Internet service. All major viasat contracts and documents are available electronically and are available on your Viasat account portal for viewing, downloading and printing. This contract applies to your use of our Exede or WildBlue e-mail service. This agreement contains 9 pages and includes Viasat`s Data Allowance Policy, Bandwidth Use Policy, Unlimited Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy, User Policy, End Email User License Agreement and Details of Your Internet Service Plan, as published on Viasat`s website: www.exede.com or www.viasat.com/wildblue. You acknowledge that you have received, read, understood and agreed to be linked on each page of this Contract and included documents, as each of these documents may be updated from time to time. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to offer you affordable and reliable broadband Internet access.

We look forward to you becoming a new customer. The Privacy Statement for all users of viasatretailer.com This is an agreement for Viasat -Exede Business subscribers. D. Unlimited Data Directive/Bandwidth Use Directive/Data Allocation Directive. Unlimited data service plans are subject to the unlimited data policy, and if you use more than the data usage threshold in your service plan during your monthly billing period, as shown in Figure A, we can prioritize your data relative to other customers during network overload, leading to slower speeds. The Internet service plans Exede Classic, Essential 10, Evolution and WildBlue Internet are subject to strict restrictions on the use of the data described in the Data Policy Allowance. If you exceed your data usage limits, Viasat will significantly slow down and/or limit your Internet service or certain uses of your Internet service for the remainder of your monthly billing period. Liberty Plan (s) service plans are subject to restrictions on the use of „priority data,” which are also described in the data allowance policy.

If you exceed your priority data usage limit, you will receive „Liberty Pass” for the remainder of your monthly billing period. Liberty Pass speeds are slower than priority data speeds, do not support video streaming on multiple devices, and may not support streaming high-definition videos.